Put days one and two together because the first is very short. Probably won’t happen too often.

Day 1: June 7

June 8th 23:00

So I finished the first day of JuNO. I’m certainly not used to the amount of edges in a day, especially not when they weren’t divided by long periods of teasing or ruins. Sir decided that instead of one edge in the morning, one at night, and the other some time in the middle of the day, I have to wait to do them at discretion. I’m only a little hornier from the edges but it was otherwise pretty uneventful.    

Day 2: June 8

June 9th 00:30 

I only got two edges today:(. Sir went on a trip so I didn’t get to talk to him much, but I did at least get two. I was told I had to blog before I got the third, but then sir went to bed. I was all by myself for both of these edges, due to a lack of call while he’s on the trip, so they were a little more eventful when I didn’t have Sir on the phone to regulate me when he heard me getting too close. The first edge today was a bit weird, though. It took me a really long time to feel like i was anywhere close. So the edge itself was on a whole about ten minutes, when if i’m trying to do it quickly, (usually for the purposes of having a video short enough to text to Sir,)  I can rub my clit really hard with the vibe at top speed and it takes about two minutes for an edge without any teasing before hand. So it was a bit odd when I couldn’t get to the edge for a long time by doing that. I ended up fucking my pussy until I started creaming on my bed sheets. But because I was horny before I started and I couldn’t edge with my clit right away, it felt so so good when I could finally edge with that vibe on my clit, and Sir wasn’t there to stop me so I almost slipped. I probably would have had the self control to ruin it. Probably. But I don’t think I should get that close again unsupervised. I’m super horny though after the two edges I had and scrolling Tumblr for however long it’s been. Like unbelievably horny. 

June 9th 3:30

Sir just woke up and texted me and I immediately asked if I could have my third edge. He decided that it was rather entertaining to just watch me, increasingly desperate, demand I be allowed an edge. He decided to not even answer the question for what seemed like forever. In hindsight, I’m just grateful I wasn’t ordered then and there to grab a belt and slap my cunt, considering my use of all caps texting, the insisting that he “had to let me”, and calling him “a meanie butt face”. Yeah… I’m lucky I got any edge at all. Eventually, after making me wait so long I was squirming, I got permission to edge. I took my time with this one, using my vibe on my clit, double function plug/dildo to fuck my pussy with, and (I didn’t say anything to sir about these next two, so I’m going to get maaaaajor comments from him tomorrow.) I also voluntarily tied my ankles so my legs were open and put clothes pegs on my nipples. (I’m a good girl, Daddy. I proooooomise! It definitely doesn’t make me drip when you tie me up or have pegs on my nipples.*cute innocent face*) Yeah, I’m not getting away from this one easily.

Very soon after that third edge of the day, I was begging for another. All I got in response to my first request was “Cute.” (God, I hate that patronizing tone that my head emulates through text *melts*.) But as soon as I said I was tired I was told to have another! I was excited so I just had the vibe on my clit. Just to make sure he didn’t have time to change his mind. Then he had me put the plug in my pussy, and we said goodnight. 

The end of my very first real denial journal! I’m excited, I’m loving this, even though I’m pretty sure no one’ll read it.

Uhh, thousands of people just got this in their feeds soo, you might not be right on that last bit, Jewel!
Lovely journal, great details, well done!

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