Well, that’s 3 days down…. I’m loving it!

I did as intended yesterday – edged a couple of times around lunchtime, before and after a light salad, and found that doing some afternoon chores was a lot harder than usual… grin! it wasn’t halped by the constant voices of other edging, desperate women in my mind. cudos to @neuralnetsandprettypatterns for those! And then after a while, I knew i needed to have my third edge before my partner got home. so I got my vibe out, and lay on the bed, and spread my legs, and…. had to stay there, without touching myself, because if I did anything else I would have cum! I managed it though, just stay there, and then rubbed my clitty a few more minutes before pulling my panties up and finishing dinner.

Today I thought for sure I’d be the unfortunate first gurl to admit she hadn’t managed 3 edges.. but I was wrong! I got to do a quick furious edge whilst my partner walked the dog, eyes closed, just rubbing my clit, and tapping it, thinking about the fact I was deliberately doing this to NOT cum… you are warping our minds James! And then, after a hard day of hosuework, when I thought all was lost, partner’s bath made edges 2 and 3 possible! I’ve just finished 2, and thought I’d post this update whilst waiting the 10 minutes due before my final edge.. hopefully it doesn’t drive me too insane and I can sleep tonight 🙂 

Have been reading all the posts, and feel fantastic to be with all my sisters, just torturing our clits to edge, again and again and again….

Fabulous report Sammy, good girl!

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