I guess this whole denial thing really makes me more kinky and more open, as I just decided to share my thoughts about JuNO 🙂 It’s my third day (I started a day later) and at the very beginning it wasn’t such a big deal, but now I noticed it’s getting a bit more difficult. I also have to admit I was a little bit of a bad girl yesterday’s evening and today’s morning, as two of my edges ended with a ruined orgasm. I thought maybe it’s going to give me a bit of release, but no, it only made me more horny. 

As I couldn’t wait any longer, I went for the second edge of this day, and taking advantage of being home alone, I proper went for it. I decided to use my favourite suction cup dildo and give it a little ride, the whole time I was pretending my crush is fucking me and he gets to cum inside of me at the end, while I’m not allowed to cum at all. Damn, that was so much fun and even more pleasure! Now I’m wondering how can I make my third edge more interesting 😉

Ahh the evil trap of the ruined orgasm. It seems such a good idea at first, and then you do it and it feels like shit, and THEN 20 minutes later you’re hornier than you were in the first place!


I’m loving how much suction cup dildos are coming into play in lots of these reports. It’s almost as if you lot actually listened to me telling you you NEED ONE OF THESE

Oh btw, I spoke to your crush and he says he really likes anal. Who’d have though such a nice boy would be so into it… Just for when you’re next, practising. He also said you should ask him out, he thinks JuNO is hot.

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