Day 9 without an orgasm. Day 2 with “required” edges. I am addicted to the game.

I am not yet getting the high or the mind-blitzing horniness, but reading everyone’s journal entries and playing the game with my wife is so far worth the price of admission.

A little about me, I’m a bi woman married to an amazing woman (yep, just the one partner). We have been talking about incorporating denial into our play. However, my wife loves to hear what she does to my pussy and almost always says “yes” when I ask to cum. I signed onto JuNO because I couldn’t wait for her to be able to torture me. We made a deal, I wouldn’t cum during June…and she would cum everyday. As we tend to be very sub/bottom/me focused, I felt it was a perfect trade off.

Oh, another thing, I have a wicked high sex drive. I’d take it every day, multiple times a day if I could. My pussy is usually a slick mess without edges, without a challenge.

So I did the first task, I told my “kink friend” that I was signing on and, of course, got my wife on board. Yesterday, I officially committed and began doing my edges.

Today…today is when it got interesting. James asked for no hands from us and my wife happily obliged. I do/have not cum from penetration alone (something I want to work on). She fucked me soundly with a strapon in between sucking my clit until I asked if I could cum. Her answer was to shake her head, pull away and plunge the dildo back in, restarting the clock if you will. She took me to the edge four delicious times this way. In the end she left me frozen, panting, and desperate to cum.

I thought this was the end of our amazing play as we had settled in for some Netflix and chill. That was until she paused our show, turned to me and ate me out with no mercy. She bounced me on the edge a number of time (I was so engrossed I lost count), each time taking me closer and closer. Each time I asked for permission to cum she’d shake her head or tell me “no” before continuing on with her work.
Then she rode me, rubbing her equally juicy pussy on me and holding me down as she came. It was one of the most delicious things we have ever done. My clit is still swollen and my bed is still damp hour later.

Sweet dreams, denial sluts. The arousal will most likely kill us in the morning.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

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