Okay. Let’s start from the beginning of today. I woke up, hand in panties, and close to cumming. I stopped before I could and I edged two more times in the first hour I was awake. I didn’t want to stop edging but I had to.

I got up, showered, got dressed, no panties, and I did a makeshift crotch rope. (Note I used yarn, I don’t suggest it. It tangles and knots too easily.) Then I saw the challenge for today from @female-orgasm-denial and I reset my edges since the challenge was to edge without hands. Earlier I scoffed at how easy that challenge was, and I was right.

I’m 7 days into denial. I’m horny, edging without my hands is easy. So here’s a list of what I edged on: My pillow was first, kitchen counter, arm of the couch, and the other three edges were from just the makeshift crotch rope and my jeans. I would like to get some actual rope though.

And yes, one of those was a public edge. *Whisper* At church! Wednesday nights I help out with the high school youth group. Sure, I’m in high school, but I’m older. So anyways, the hour before I left Daddy started my conditioning for bimbofication. So when I left, my mind was still fuzzy and it stayed slightly fuzzy through the evening. While I was trying to listen to the pastor, my mind kept dozing off to imagining Daddy fucking me. And all the mantras he had sent me were running around in my brain. “Tick tock, suck cock, drip drop, mind pop.” That’s the main one. And it circled around and around in my head. Desperately I began to roll my hips slightly in the chair.

The crotch rope rubbed right on my clit when I did this and it didn’t take long before I had to stop or I would have cum.

Also, all I could think about other than Daddy or my mantras was cock. There are a few guys who are 18 and I couldn’t help but wonder what naughty secrets they had, if they knew what female arousal smelled like, if they knew that it was coming from me.

Oh, before church as well the only time I got to touch my needy cunt was to slap it. Once. That was it. After I reset my edges for the day that was it. And I want to touch, but I’ll wait until tomorrow and continue to be a good girl.

I kind of want to be denied more than one month. Maybe two if I can make it, I’ll have to talk with Daddy.

Also can I note that I’m just getting more and more soaked, and also that I typically get ashamed if I think of sex at church. There was no shame. I’m too horny for shame.

Love~ Your favorite denial princess ❤?

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