Again, I didn’t get the chance to edge until this evening. Before I even had a chance to complete my first edge, James posted another task. Humping only. No hands. I had never humped anything, ever. The idea turned me on a bit, I think its quite a humiliating thing to do, but I had always relied on my fantastic vibrators.

I needed to get some work done so locked myself in chastity again. I’d let myself out and complete my edges when the work was done. Worked a treat and I got what I needed done without my hand down my pants rubbing away. Since my denial and chastity turned her on so much, i’ve handed the virtual key for my belt to stark-mang. My husband will take the keys when he’s back at the weekend then the key goes back to stark-mang. I have a feeling i’ll only be let out to edge. My belt never got enough wear anyway.

So, after being unlocked, I got started on my first edge. I started with my pillow, then the edge of the bed to see which I preferred. Pillow it was. I added nipple clamps because I love a bit of nipple torture. I felt like a bitch in heat the entire time. I didn’t think i’d be able to edge by humping a pillow. It took longer than it normally would have and at one point I thought i’d have to stop and use my fingers instead but after a bit of faster and harder humping I reached the edge. Bounced it a few times because i’m greedy and never want the pleasure to end.

After the 10 minute wait I added in my ball gag and started humping for the second edge. It took a fraction of the time the first edge had taken. By now, my pillow was getting fairly damp.

Another wait, more like 20 minutes this time and then I went for the final edge.

I now have a soggy pillow to match my soaking pussy. The gag whilst humping myself to the edge made me even more horny. It is so degrading to be dripping and drooling all over the pillow I was going to be sleeping on.

Stark has me locked up for the night now. My clit is throbbing and begging for some attention it hasn’t recieved all day. That’s right, me, who thought she could never edge without a vibe buzzing on her clit, edged 3 times without even touching her clit!


Oh Lily, I’m so proud of you, I love it! Well done.
Wonderful journal, you’re doing so well.

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