My husband is home for his weekend off work and has taken great delight in making me wait to suck his cock. He has great will power, the bastard.

I managed 2 edges this afternoon. After my ruin I was expecting James to allow everyone else a ruin except me (and anyone else who had already had their ruin!) but no. I woke up and checked my tumblr to find 50 pussy smacks before each edge today. I’m not big on pain and after around 3 and a half years of letting my pubic hair do whatever it wanted (with the occassional trim!) I decided it was time to shave it all off, hence my bath instead of a shower last night. So, not only was it 150 pussy smacks in total, it was 150 smacks to a newly shaven pussy. They sting worse without any hair to soften the smack! I deserve each one though and it’ll motivate me to never let myself go over again. I was hoping hubby would follow me to the bedroom but he didn’t. He deliberately sat and caught up with the tv he had been missing!

I finally got to suck his cock this evening. I was sucking for a while! Nothing else for me at all, the man loves tormenting me. He didn’t even cum on me, he made me watch as he put it all down the toilet!

I still have 50 pussy smacks and an edge to do but hubby has gone to bed so it’ll be smacking and edging on the sofa for me.

We might be trying anal tomorrow night depending on time and energy levels.

He has made it clear though that it is very unlikely that he’ll let me cum when everyone else does at the end of the challenge. We’re thinking about leaving it up to tumblr to decide when i’ll get to cum with one of the ‘notes=days added onto denial’ posts. What does everyone think? If there seems to be interest i’ll do a seperate blog post.


Edit: Or I might wimp out, beg to be allowed to cum at the end of the challenge then put up a new denial post!

I look forward to hearing what he decides, how exciting!

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