Well my goodness, you really have thrown yourself into this headfirst haven’t you, good girl!

Now I see you’ve created a tumblr for your exploits let’s make the most of it. We’re going to put you on the classic basic edging regime – that is, at least four edges a day, one before you get up (just fingers), another two during the day (can be just quick tops ups not a hard edge unless you have time, fun to try to make at least one out of the house) and then a final one in bed as the last thing you do before you try to sleep.

Every morning you are to go through my blog and find one additional task or idea you’re going to try out. Repost it to your blog, with your thoughts, and then at the end of the day write us a Denial Journal that describes your day and how your edging and the task went. You are to write the journal while continuing to edge as best as you can.

You are not allowed to cum until Sunday night, and that will be contingent on you having done well during the week. No cumming, no ruins, just edges. If you go over by accident just ruin it, we’ll deal with it if it happens. Try hard not to.

7 days is more than I’d normally suggest to try at first, three is my usual recommendation. But I feel like you’ll relish the challenge, so let’s see how you get on.

Good girl. Feel free to message me if you need extra information or support.


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