You definitely can. It’s quite effective at distracting you, like other things, movies, games, eating, shopping, the list goes on

And sometimes that’s okay. Sometimes we just need a break from the darkness. To escape. And edging gives you lovely happy hormones too that make everything seem a bit less bad, even when not actually edging.

But, you can’t do it forever. 

Feelings can be suppressed but they don’t disappear. Hurt can be hidden, but it won’t heal like that.

At some point you need to face it, to let it out.

It might be you need some help, someone to be with you when you do that, to help you cope. And that’s okay, it’s what friends, and some family are for. And if you don’t have those to hand, there are many helplines full of wonderful people who just want to be there for you.

Or it might be you let a bit out, and get back to edging till you’re ready to feel some more.

Or a combination of both is good.

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