What a predicament! It seems you’ve worn your clit out. How awful. 

You need to do more than just edging I’m afraid. It’s no touch for you, missy, for three days. Not a single rub on that sore little clit of yours. You can play with your breasts, your ass and fuck your pussy, but if you touch your clit just once you have to start the three days over again.

Then, having achieved that, you are allowed to play with your clit for just 30 minutes a day for a whole week, you are to do only ‘soft edges’ which don’t get you to close to orgasm.

Having achieved that, you are to do one more week of ‘hard edges’ where you get close but don’t go over. Three a day minimum.

If you finish the program, you are then allowed to cum. You should find it’s reset everything back to the way it was.

Of course, some would argue, you should just skip all the above and stay like this, unable to cum. Some might think it’s better that way…

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