Thank you K! And again, thank you to everyone who’s written such lovely feedback on the survey. Here’s a just a few favourites to the question what does the blog mean to you:

It’s been an eye-opener and improved both my solo and our joint sex and our D/s marriage. It’s also earned me a solid punishment spanking then night I discovered it because I stayed up until 3.30am, 5 ½ hours past my bedtime. Totally worth it, though, I’ve been having much more fun since. 🙂

Found a side to myself i didn’t think existed.

It’s helped me realize there are others out there with the same kinks. That I’m not weird for not being ‘vanilla’

It’s really made myself more comfortable with me

Horrible, terrible, miserable agony. Thank you ?

You guys are gonna make me cry if you’re not careful!

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