Good girl El, your honesty is admired and sharing most appreciated!

If you’ve failed the cards then I think it’s only appropriate I use them to determine your punishment.

From the part of the pack you’re NOT using for your denial, or a separate pack, you’re to pull ten random cards, face down.

You’re going to get spanked.

The suit determines where:

  • Hearts on your bottom
  • Spades on your pussy
  • Diamonds on your thighs
  • Clubs on your breasts

A number card is how many smacks that place gets. A queen, king or ace means you use an implement like a ruler, cane, spoon, etc to to the smacks instead of your hand.
And jacks? You get to jack off! Instead of smacks, a jack means you must masturbate to the edge instead! Lucky girl.

Work through all ten cards, turning only one over and acting upon it before you turn the next. Do that in one sitting or a few if you need to, and then your punishment is complete.


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