Tragically I’m sure there are countless women throughout history who never got to orgasm in a whole lifetime – their collective voices clamour out to the women of today to make the absolutely most of the freedom you enjoy – but no pressure 😛

But seriously, I know you really mean women choosing denial. A few hardcore women will go for a year or more, others can’t cope with more than a week. I had one ex-pornstar friend who couldn’t do more than a few hours without going all ‘She Hulk’ and wanting to smash things. All of those are great! 

This is NOT a competition. You’re not better or worse if you last a day or a month, all that matters is how you feel, right now.

The question I’m constantly asking myself when I have the joy of denying someone is ‘which is better for her, to cum, or to be denied?’ It’s usually the latter.

Long term denial, and congratulations you are definitely a member of that exclusive club, can have very mixed effects, and you need to be prepared for those. It can’t constantly be about keeping you as horny as possible as that will be exhausting if you did it for too long. You also need to be able to enjoy the highs, and lows, the cycles you’ll go through physically and emotionally. But if you can do that, then there’s really no limit to how long you can be denied.

Having said all that, if you ask me, one edge a day for you seems like a bit of an easy option… I’d insist you start every day with your fingers buried between your legs too, just to get you going, and what’s more, add a couple more during the day, hopefully at deeply inappropriate moments, just to keep you wet and aching the whole day through.

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