Hi, I am delving straight in, I love what you are offering here! I stumbled across your blog last night in relation to guided masturbation, but I had never thought of or explored denial before. So I thoroughly enjoyed your guided masturbation cumming 3 times lol I know that’s not the point but that’s what I was looking for. Then I began reading all through your blog,  and becoming extremely interested, I fitted a rope, and slept with it on. Now I have woken up and spent the morning experiencing roaming around with my rope and I love it! I have arranged with a friend who I sometimes play with to give me permission, at least 4 times a day to edge (twice already, I feel amazing) and to sometime within 3 days allow me to cum under his conditions. This is so much fun and feels absolutely amazing, so I just wanted to say a huge thank you!?

You are so welcome, what a great start, congratulations and I hope you continue to enjoy the journey! Thanks so much for the encouragement!

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