Day 1 is (almost) complete. I’ve edged five times so far, I’ll edge the sixth right before I go to sleep. I’m already needy and dripping. This will probably be worse than that no touch week I had a while back. But worse in a good way because I love the high of being constantly horny. My pussy lips are beginning to swell with need but I haven’t edged enough to make them completely pink and puffy yet.

Let’s talk about my no touch week though since this a very new side blog so some people reading this may not know about that. It was only a couple of months ago Daddy and I first tried denial. He put me on no touch for a week except that I could shove my brush up my ass and I could edge on a pillow once a day for however long, but if I stopped humping the pillow for any reason that was it. If I came I had to fuck myself with two fingers as hard and as deep as I can until I squirted 3 times. Sounds like an easy punishment right? No. I have only ever squirted once and it wasn’t much. I have the hardest time squirting and Daddy knows this. It’s the same punishment if I cum this time. So I’ll be very careful as not to cum. I was so desperate to cum by the end of the week that it hardly took a couple of minutes. It was a rough but amazing week so I’m excited to do the thirty day challenge. Anyways, I’m off to edge one last time before bed! So goodnight or good day wherever you’re at!

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