Well what an amazing response! Combining notes and sign ups on the form I made I reckon there’s already over 100 of you signed up to try denial for 30 days and probably a lot more just giving it a go.

I’m so proud of you all!

The first few days are often the hardest so today this is just a reminder to not push yourself too far. We aren’t trying to set records in how close and long you can stay at the edge of an orgasm. If anything, stay safe, don’t get too close, and just try to explore how edging without cumming at the end makes you feel.

And if you do go over the edge, just stop. Stop and let the orgasm be ruined and you’re still in the game. And if you go over? Shit happens. You just have to start again, it’s only day two, hardly a disaster. Don’t give up, there’s a reason you want this, so make it happen.

What should be occuring over the next few days is those endorphins and other feel-good chemicals slowly start to drift around your system all the time. Without an orgasm releasing Prolactin (the chemical that settles you down after cumming) you will start to feel an ongoing ‘buzz’ – the ‘Denial High’ (sounds like a hot school…).

Don’t be thinking about the 30 days though, just think about today. We’re going to do this one day at a time. ‘I will not cum today. Good girls don’t cum’ can be your mantra. One day at a time, one edge at a time.

Don’t forget this is about having fun, so just relax, lay back and enjoy edging. There are hundreds of other denial sluts (and if you even start this you totally are a denial slut) doing this with you. So be strong, hold back. 

Cumming is good, but not cumming is better. Discover how it feels to not cum.

Good girl.

Tomorrow… I’ve got a challenge for all of you. It’s to tell a friend about JuNO… so get thinking if there’s anyone you might dare to tell (I’ll give you a cool way to do it though).

And don’t forget to keep blogging about your experience, tag them with #juno30days or send me your updates in asks or submissions.


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