Use your mouth …

… or, more accurately, let him use your mouth.

I love it when a girl is extremely oral. I love women who love sucking cock, who relish the feel of cock between their lips.

You’ve spent all this time and money looking gorgeous, you have made your man so proud of your behaviour and look, now it is time to show him your true worth.

Don’t be squeamish, don’t be proud, don’t think about it, just suck. Get on your knees and slurp and drool. Get on your knees and beg him to use your eager little mouth. And, if you aren’t confident on sucking, let him face-fuck your tiny brains out.

 Men who like bimbos love girls who behave like this.

Suck his cock every single day … scratch that, suck his cock every single chance you get. As soon as you see him, slide to your knees, look up with those cute eyes and ask “may i?”.

Good girl!

Some images and thoughts for you to edge too.

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