Bridesmaid’s duties are never done

I have, for the longest time, had a fantasy about a culture where from the day after their engagement til the wedding night, the bride-to-be wasn’t allowed to orgasm in order to show her willingness to be obedient to her future husband.

The night of her engagement, her new fiance would bring her to orgasm as many times as he could. Making sure she knew, and he knew, exactly what she would be giving up for him for the next year.

The year-minimum engagement was always difficult. A good bride-to-be would confess her failures and accept her fiance’s punishments throughout the year. Regardless of her success (or failure rate) the week leading up to her wedding she was watched 24/7. And her bridesmaids were put on duty, making her as insanely horny as they possibly could.

The more horny she is, the more beautiful she would be on her wedding day, and the more her future husband would love her for it.

Many brides come back from their honeymoon with that same denial-glow on their faces. Part of agreeing to obey their husbands included waiting for their permission to orgasm.

It was considered the height of disrespect to *ask* for that first marital orgasm.

And many times new husbands were advised to make their brides wait before giving out that first release. It smoothed transitions in the marriage bed during those first months of learning to live together. And the longer that highly-aroused glow lasted, the longer the other men respected them for their control of their bride.

I can’t improve on that. I love it.

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