Yes, but only if you’re able to climax from anal in the first place. And that’s the tricky part.

From my experience the anal orgasm in a woman is THE MOST psychologically controlled. Unlike in men who have the prostate, you have much less going on it terms of specific bunches of nerve endings up there. However it can feel great if done well and with lots of lube, and the trick really is to get yourself close with clitoral and vaginal stimulation and then slowly switch over to anal only and see if you can keep the arousal level up.

This is often going to require a lot of mental work, so it may help to fantasise about different anal scenarios. Being turned into an anal only denial slut, for example. or being used anally by a dom so that the pleasure is all his.

If you’ve never had an anal orgasm I give you permission to go over the first time as, it’s pretty awesome to even think ‘I can cum from fucking my ass! (This will get you extra responses if added to any online dating profile, just, FYI)

So the challenge of doing it without toys is that fingers get tired pretty fast doing this. Your best bet is a smooth hairbrush handle or a little butt plug. LOTS of lube and you’re good to go. Start slow, build up and let your anal fantasies run wild, that’s the real trick. Search ‘anal only’ on tumblr for inspiration if you need it!

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