You knew it was going to happen, and today’s the day.
As soon as you read this, you’re on ‘no touch’
There are two types of ‘no touch’ with denial play. ‘Strict no touch’ means absolutely no stimulation or sexual contact with your clit or pussy. No grinding or humping or even pushing against things to relieve your aching need. Heck, if I’m in a mean mood you’re lucky to be allowed to even wipe after you pee.
And if you want to do that, feel free.
But for most of you let’s just go with standard ‘no touch’. That is, no masturbating or stimulating your pussy or clit directly or with toys.
What IS allowed, however, is pressing yourself against things (not humping, just pressing maybe with a little rub). Playing with your breasts, very much encouraged, and your asshole if you’re into that.
So yes, the entire idea is to make it worse. To make you realise what a lucky girl you are to even be allowed to touch yourself. And so, you’ll appreciate it all the more, tomorrow, once you read the next task.
And not before.
Good girl.

Let’s leave the last words to George Bluth Sr

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