As I’m sure you’ve all seen, Tumblr’s given all NSFW two weeks to abandon ship. I’m sad, mad and not at all surprised.

Ever since Yahoo sold Tumblr I’ve been quietly preparing for this over the last year. So while it’ll involve a bit of effort for us all, let’s see this as a new opportunity to spread the edging message!

Thanks for all the many messages of support and concern, I love you all.

Here’s the plan

The big change I made in preparation for this is that I control the domain for this blog – edging.space and while it currently redirects to Tumblr, by 17th December it’ll be a WordPress blog and be the main place I continue to post my content.

I’ll be importing lots of my old posts in there too, and putting them in a bit more of a useful structure. As to how much actual porn I can get in there, it’ll depend on the host but my writing will live on!

As far as I can see Tumblr will be hiding my posts with boobs and bits in (according to this https://tumblr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/231885248-Adult-content) but the actual blog will still remain (for now) so this isn’t going to disappear. Unless having the word ‘orgasm’ in the title offends the Tumblr gods, yeah okay, that might happen.

I’m also going to create a Discord Server for us all to join and become one happy, edging, community. It might be that other social media options emerge as I do a bit more research this week but Discord is the obvious NSFW friendly one for now. Watch this space

Want to continue to read my content…

  1. Follow my Edging Space Twitter as a new social media communication channel: https://twitter.com/edgingspace that’ll be my back up way of getting in contact and I’ll start posting there regularly
  2. Bookmark my blog url – edging.space and start visiting it directly
  3. FOLLOW this blog if you don’t already. I know that sounds counter intuitive but I’d guess you may not be able to follow NSFW blogs once this shit kicks off, and it might be the only way you can view it if you’ve followed it before. 
  4. Reblog the shit out of this post and watch this space for more info
  5. Keep on edging and do not despair. This is the start of something wonderful.

Help wanted

1. If we set up a Discord server that’s a lot of work, if you have experience being a community mod, especially of a Discord server, and would like to help, message me.

2. I’m pretty competent with WordPress but if any of you are a wizard with it (especially getting a theme customised and structure working) and might lend a hand getting the site up and running in the short time we have, that’d be most appreciated. Again, message me. Ta very much.

With love and kinky hugs,


Reblogging because I keep getting asked everything this answers. But here’s some updates too.

Not the end, just a new beginning

Eugh, excuse me, I barfed a little into my mouth there. But seriously, it looks like Tumblr’s plan is just to hide all POSTS  with sex or nudity in them, but not to close the actual blogs themselves. While that completely sucks because I adore finding a hot image and it inspiring a story, it does mean that this blog isn’t going to explode into nothing come T-Day – 17th December.

I’ll still be able to answer asks, set tasks, write posts and even caption non nude pictures – so it’s not the end of the world. 

But nonetheless I do want to make the proper jump to having a website that’s completely, and utterly under my control, which can act like a hub for all the edging and orgasm denial resources we’ve gathered here and will create in the future, so the big plan is still to make www.edging.space a fully functioning wordpress website that’ll do that.

However, I really want to find or create a space for what we all love doing, which is scrolling through tons of hot images and stories and getting our rocks (nearly) off, and some kind of community aspect built into that is a real bonus.

Reddit, Steady, Go?

At the moment I think that’s going to be best served by either a reddit subreddit – reddit.com and apparently I somehow had enough karma to be allowed to set up one, who knew, so as bit of an experiment I’ve created:


The other option is creating threads in a Discord server that’ll do the same kind of thing. Pros and cons and it might be we try out both and see what you lot prefer.

A huge thank you to the scores of people who’ve responded with offers of help, you make me go all goey inside. I’ve tried to get back to many of you, apologies if I haven’t yet. But once my plans are firmer I’ll be getting in contact.

That’s all for today folks, however, I’m going to take the opportunity to actually get a survey out to you lot to see what you’re after and try and take into account what I learn there in terms of what we build. IF ONLY WE HAD MORE THAN TWO FUCKING WEEKS NOTICE, TUMBLRRRRRRR!

There is one other option that I thought might work actually, do let me know what you think of this 



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