I just found out about edging and realised that I’ve been doing this for years! I would get super wet and thought that was cum(I know super silly) or just not want to keep going at that tipping point. I kind of want to see what cumming feels like but I also like how my clit almost always is throbbing and how easily I get wet and horny without much effort.. what do you think I should do? I know someone did ask you something very similar to this and I recon she had cum once after realising what an edge was and was conflicted to go cum crazy for lost time or to keep edging and deny herself.. just curious what you think .. sorry if it’s a repeat question

It’s never a problem, it’s an important question! And it’s not silly, the only silly thing is no one taught you otherwise. Well done for finding out!

I think you should cum. Have an orgasm, have lots in fact. We love denial here, because of what it does for us, how it makes you feel, but orgasms are amazing too. As hot as the idea of never letting you cum is, it’s a hot fantasy. If you can, cum. If you can’t, well come back and I’ll tease the fuck out of you and turn it into a full blown mindfuck. It means you’re a ‘brand new in box’, very special indeed!

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