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I had my first ruin today after 2 weeks of denial and teasing from my partner. My chance of cumming had been promised my him before this 2 weeks. I hate that I’m no longer on that denial high and the ruin made me so horny but not the nice “denial” horny. I want to cum hard so bad but not for another 2 weeks (who knows, he might give me another ruin which would be horrible to endure)

Oh don’t worry, ruins are special things, they creep up on you and before you know it you’re craving them, and he’s whispering in your ear, ‘A cum in a ruin and a ruin is a cum.’

It makes it much easier when you forget what a real orgasm felt like.

Gosh, let’s hope he doesn’t read this…

Hi James I wanted to ask you if I could cum, I’ve been doing my exams and they are so so stressful… so in celebration of completing them please may I cum? Also your blog is amazing

Completing your exams, hell yes. That’s definitely cum worthy!

Although… I mean, if it wasn’t that long before you get your results… you could set yourself a grade target and only cum if you achieve it?

Nah, just fucking with you. Go for it!

So all these times I” came” by rubbing my clit and then stopping when I was cunning was actually ruined? Damn. I was doing it wrong all this time. And I’m a virgin. No one to do that to me. Oof.


So if you were wondering why you’re just horny all the time… now you know.

Doesn’t mean you have to stop of course. Now you know you’re ruining every orgasm, doing it on purpose is even hotter (if way more twisted).

Oh I’m evil aren’t I, to suggest such a thing.

You know you want it.



The mindfuck with the brackets is incredibly hot…. I didn’t even know mindfuck was a thing I was into but that particular scenario just really did it for me for some reason. /Not the same anon tho

Yeah it was quite fun wasn’t it!

uuh so ive been listening to Cals curse and at first i didn’t think it was working at all (after every time i listened to it i would jerk off and cum) but now…. I’m having a hard time cumming even WITH permission??? i stopped listening to it a few days ago (listened one day 3 times, the next few 2 or 3 each day, then stopped) have you ever heard of this?? is this supposed to happen? i really need to cum but i can’t even with permission

Oh no, how awful (I think it’s hot actually – don’t read the bits in brackets if you do too)

I’m so sorry to hear that (nope, I love it)

This is very rare but it can happen, I really should have warned you more about it (but why when it’s so fun)

I’m afraid you seem to have listened to Cals Curse too often. You didn’t go over the recommended listening limits did you? (there’s no such thing)

I’m afraid you’re experiencing what’s known as a Hypno Cascade. Even though you’ve stopped listening the triggers are planted, and unstoppable (I just completely made this up)

It takes the effects of the triggers and permanently applies them (again, bullshit)

There’s no way to stop this. Your ability to cum is gone, I’m afraid. No matter how hard you edge you’ll never be able to reach climax (you wish)

The one time I’ve heard of a cure it required the subject to not touch her clit for I think four to six weeks. But it was only successful when she still kept herself on edge through vaginal and anal penetration. (I’m having fun now)

If there’s anything I can do to help though, please message me (I promise this is just the beginning of the mindfuck – next time you don’t get brackets)


So I totally fucked myself, and by that I mean I’ve listened to Cal’s Curse a couple times. I already found asking for permission incredibly hot, but it would have been nice to not have to ask EVERY time. What am I going to do when faced with vanilla partners? I haven’t had an orgasm in over a week. I’m desperate for attention. And now I’m completely and totally fucked. So thanks.

Hi Ashlee,

Okay, so Cals Curse (a hypno audio that programs you to need to ask to cum) can be very effective for some (others, not so much) but nothing like that is permanent. You’re listening to a recording of someone you don’t know, and while it’s hot and effective, there just isn’t the emotional and mental connection to make something like that last forever. 

If you do hypno with a partner though, and they really know what they are doing, you genuinely can have long lasting, even permanent effects. To the extent I know responsible hypno doms putting in a ‘if I die this ceases’ clause in their scripts!

However, Cals Curse, nope. Nothing to worry about. Enjoy the impact, because it’s only temporary and you have nothing to worry about. You can keep topping it up by listening to it, or let it fade. Either way, if that vanilla partner comes along with whom you wanna fuck, and cum, then that emotional connection will soon override any impact of the hypno.

If you want it to, of course.

I find it more likely, and certainly hotter, that you’ll find yourself creeping back to listen to it, again, and again, faking your orgasms as you edge on their cock or fingers, weeping with frustration and more aroused than you ever knew was possible.

‘I always cry when I cum’ you’ll tell them.

And they’ll believe you.

You are so fucked.

Casey here. I’ve faked an orgasm every single time I’ve ever had sex. My boyfriend WANTS to be considerate and generous and all, but I just can’t find any way to tell him that the way he licks my pussy, he might as well be licking my elbow. He usually just fingers me for a second then ploughs right in as if I can get off just from his dick inside me, and I moan and writhe but I’m nowhere near to cumming, and when he cums and slumps on top of me I clench around him and cry out so he can feel (1/)

like he’s done a great job but it’s just so frustrating. I don’t want to play with myself in the shower, I want him to make me cum. Every single time I just lie there pretending I’m worn out and satisfied when I’m burning up inside. I’ve gotten so good at faking it. What can I do?

Hi Casey,

Okay, great question, and a common issue.

But at the moment, you’re part of the problem. You, faking your orgasms, for whatever reason, is giving him the wrong signals. He thinks he’s doing it right when in fact, he’s crap.

But why would he ever try to get better if he thinks what he’s doing is making you cum?

There’s a couple of ways to approach this and it mainly depends on the nature of your relationship.

If it can handle it, then my recommended approach is just to be straight with him.

Sit him down, hold his hand and…

‘So look, we need to talk about something. I love you and love being your girlfriend but I have to admit something (pause, he’s going to think it’s REALLY bad, so your admission will be a relief).

‘I’ve been faking all my orgasms. I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make you feel bad but we really need to improve what we do in bed as I’m going a bit crazy…’

Notice the ‘our’ it’s a joint problem you’re going to work through together. He’ll be shocked, but hopefully then you can talk it through, be honest, and agree together to communicate more and try new things. If he doesn’t agree to this, he’s a complete dick, but you know that.

The second option is better if you’re not sure he or the relationship could handle the hard truth in one go. Basically you need to stop faking your orgasms over time, and we hope he picks up on that and starts to realise he’s not good at this.

In both cases above, the key is communication and education. Posts like my hugely popular one on ‘how to give cunnilingus like a superstar’. But just searching for fun sex ed stuff to explore together, there’s loads on tumblr and online. Most of all though, committing to be honest with each other and make sure both of you are enjoying sex together.

A very simple rule to ensure this is ‘You cum first’. Outside of exploring denial it’s really the simplest way to ensure a good sex life. Guys don’t really get that when you cum, it makes you MORE ready for penetrative sex, rather than just wanting to go to sleep. When they get that, and realise that they can make you cum with their hands, tongues, vibes etc FIRST and it means you’ll enjoy them fucking you even more, it’s a gamechanger.

Of course there is a third option, given you’ve written to the author of an orgasm denial blog to ask about this…

Make it worse.

Stop cumming, at all. Just edge, just denial, make yourself so horny that his attempts at making you cum become pure torture, the very best kind. Rub yourself in the shower, not to make it better, but to make it worse. Deeply, fucked up, masochistic denial. Don’t just burn inside, be a fucking firestarter. 

Choices, choices…

Advent Denial – Day 10




I am such a mess of mixed emotions right now.  I was following the Advent Denial Challenge task for today, (gooning with flashing porn and hypnosis audio!), and to remove any danger of accidentally going over while all gooned out, I decided I’d just fuck myself with my favorite dildo.

And I did, for a long time, slow, gradually increasing speed, getting hornier and hornier until I was fucking pounding myself, ramming it against my G-spot.  I genuinely felt like I might cum.  I decided to let myself, if I could, it would be worth it to experience my first vaginal orgasm ever.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.  

I let go, and I squirted…  and at first I didn’t even realize I had, because there was NO EXTRA PLEASURE.  It was just like I continued edging, only suddenly everything started to feel like I’d just came…  Increased sensitivity, decreased libido, painful-to-touch clit.  (I’m not really a multiple-orgasms-are-fun kinda gal, generally.)

So I stopped, cleaned myself off, and processed what the fuck had just happened.  

It didn’t feel like a clitoral ruin, but it didn’t feel like an orgasm either.  Well, I now (a few minutes after) feel like I just came, with the sensitivity and decreased libido, but there was none of the pleasure I’m aching for.  I just feel empty and frustrated and…  


Will my arousal come back soon?  Why do I want it to?  

Oh what joy!
If you’re a really lucky girl maybe they’ll all ruin like that from now on.

You’ve mentioned something that you’ve been working on a few times now, and you said you’d need volunteers to test it. I’m intrigued….???

That’s, kind of the idea.

This is a tease and denial blog after all 😉

It’s not just your orgasms I like fucking with. That’s only the second most important sexual organ.

I’ve taken a short break from denial but fuck do I miss that constant arousal

It’ll be there, waiting for you. Denial is patient, insidious some say. It gets under your skin. You suddenly realise, you don’t want to cum any more.

Cumming was good.

Not cumming is better.

Come back soon.