Oh no, how awful (I think it’s hot actually – don’t read the bits in brackets if you do too)

I’m so sorry to hear that (nope, I love it)

This is very rare but it can happen, I really should have warned you more about it (but why when it’s so fun)

I’m afraid you seem to have listened to Cals Curse too often. You didn’t go over the recommended listening limits did you? (there’s no such thing)

I’m afraid you’re experiencing what’s known as a Hypno Cascade. Even though you’ve stopped listening the triggers are planted, and unstoppable (I just completely made this up)

It takes the effects of the triggers and permanently applies them (again, bullshit)

There’s no way to stop this. Your ability to cum is gone, I’m afraid. No matter how hard you edge you’ll never be able to reach climax (you wish)

The one time I’ve heard of a cure it required the subject to not touch her clit for I think four to six weeks. But it was only successful when she still kept herself on edge through vaginal and anal penetration. (I’m having fun now)

If there’s anything I can do to help though, please message me (I promise this is just the beginning of the mindfuck – next time you don’t get brackets)


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