Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Here’s a bit of dialogue floating through my head, coming from a doctor: “Oh my. Your symptoms are quite serious. Well, don’t worry. The cure is quite simple. You just have to masturbate for six month. Without orgasms. That parts important. Orgasms make it worse…what? You don’t think you’ll be able to? Well, I do have this medication, but there is a ten percent chance you will never cum again if I put it on. Are you sure you want to take it?” -Karen

I love it. Try this, subjects required…

Blog Post

Hi, James! Thank you for the blog, it’s gorgeous! I finally started denial thanks to my new partner. But turns out being denied by someone else turns me on too much and I end up having pain in loins area after just a few days. I guess, it’s due to blood going down there too often for too long? I really want to be denied for longer time, but I feel like my body can’t handle mere days of not cumming. What would you recommend as a ‘schedule’/way of denying me? Your big fan, pre-op transgirl FJ xoxo

Sounds like you’re getting ‘Blue Bean’, the ladies equivalent of blue balls. Ouch. It’s not that […]