Most interesting. Of course in my practise we’d see it as deeply inappropriate to make a woman actually experience


. No indeed, it is the process that is good for one, the eventual outcome is strictly for the marital bed. But the closer we can take you the better the cure so our one or two hour sessions are designed to keep you on the very pinnacle of that climax.

While some patients do complain at first that this makes the symptoms of their hysteria worse, the lower abdomen aching, the wetness between the legs, the inappropriate fantasies, we find in almost all cases the husbands, who are after all, the real patient, report delight at the results.

Their wives are so eager in the bedroom that male satisfaction is achieved daily, as is recommended, and in manners we won’t discuss in depth here but are definitely somewhat unconventional (the desire to fellate seems to grow exponentially, for example).

We are somewhat ‘old school’ at the surgery and do prefer to give manual stimulation with hands and olive oil (virgin of course). However we are not slow to embrace the latest technologies of this wondrous age, and the use of ‘vibrators’ on our Tuesday and Thursday mid afternoon clinics is proving popular. Our specially trained nurses constantly adjust the speed of the devices to ensure our patients receive the most beneficial levels of stimulation while whispering soothing words to them. They take great delight in their work, and their professionalism, so have no fear, no climaxes will be allowed.

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