Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Hey James, so recently I’ve been edging with only my dildos. No vibrators and absolutely no clit touching. Although it feels so fucking good, I find myself really desperate to rub my clit. The reason I don’t is because I know if I do, I won’t have enough control to keep myself from coming. I’m worried I’m going to cheat and break this streak of denial. Is there any physical way I can keep myself from touching my clit, or any punishment for doing so that would also keep me away? Thanks! ~A

I’ve known women who put on ‘Clit shields’ – either with piercing or gluing to prevent […]

Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Sir, I’m addicted to my vibrator and nightly ruins. I know you’ve given advice on this before (I have read this blog top to bottom) but I have very little self-discipline. I always give in to using it, even though I’ve tried some of your suggestions, as I’m impatient and anything else seems to take forever. I burn through batteries, and edge with my vibrator on full blast and no shame…even having housemates. Any thoughts on how to control myself?

Start using rechargeable batteries (seriously) Set a timer, maybe five minutes, and start using the […]

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Hi James, I’m an amateur writer and thanks to your blog I’ve found a very effective way to combat procrastination when I’m working on a project! So until I finish a chapter/a short story I will not give myself an orgasm, and wow, i’ve been churning out more things than ever before. Do you have any twist on this method of mine to make it more… challenging? -Jo

Hi Jo, This is fabulous, and ironic, as I think I procrastinate… by writing! But […]