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So my dom and I have been dabbling in denial, but I’m only not allowed to orgasm when she’s not around. How do I tell her I want to be denied during sex too? Tonight is the first time in a week I’ve gotten to see her and we’re going to dinner, I want her to play with me and then take me home and fuck me senseless but not be allowed to orgasm the entire time. What do I say?

You’ve just expressed it beautifully! Be brave and tell her. Send her a message with, ‘So […]

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Hi James, My boyfriend is very dominant and we’ve been exploring our kinks together. We are in a long distance relationship right now (I’m away at uni), so most of our relationship is over the phone. Lately when we are talking and getting into it, he’s been getting a bit much and overwhelming me and making me feel bad. For example, for “testing” him he said I couldn’t touch for a year. We haven’t really played with denial before, so how do I bring up that it’s overwhelming me? Thanks!

This may sound stupidly simple, but I think it’s all you need to hear. You […]

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Hi James, you had a question not to long ago about a punishment for a sub, written by another Dom. I looked into it and they have a online Dom/sub relationship. What’s your view on online Dom/sub relationships? And do you know how to obtain one? I’m quite shy but the idea of a Dom/sub relationship has always excited me. Thank you and I absolutely love your blog :) – Rose

female-orgasm-denial: Oh gosh, well this is a big one. Online D/s relationships can be great, […]