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Can you point me in the direction of a diy crotch rope. I’ve seen it before but I can’t seem to find it. Please and thank you, Sir.

Good old Tumblr took it down but I posted it again on my bdsmlr:


Also if you search that for crotch ropes it has all kinds of ideas!


Oh and bdsmlr have an app now!!! So you can use it without it showing up in your search history. It’s still in beta but working well.

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i just tied my first crotch rope with a small knot on clit and a bigger one at my entrance, and omg this feels so good! the rope hurts a bit on my ass but the slight pain only makes me even more wet. i love it! i’m thinking about being very naughty and wearing it on monday to my classes… ~

So awesome, do it, do it!

Why just Mondays?

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Oh my god today at a board meeting my tongue slipped and I said “As you can see in the chart, we’re on the edge of achieving our goal.” I meant verge. Of course, it still made sense, so no big deal, but JuNO is clearly getting to me. Shouldn’t have worn a crotch rope under my pantsuit today.

Well I just cut up a pair of ruined pants to use the waste band and draw string as a crotch rope. This is already fun thank you for the tutorials. I never would’ve thought to put a knot on it.

Oh neat! That’s a serious DIY crotch rope effort, good work!

Now make the knot bigger 😉

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James, I just want to thank you for your crotch rope tutorial. I’ve not got much money, so I’m always looking for DIY toy ideas, and I was intrigued by that. I’ve had a lot of string that I had no idea what to use it for, and now I’ve suddenly found a use. I’ve only had it on for 10 minutes but already I’m unbearably horny. And I don’t even have to do anything to edge. I don’t have to touch myself, I can just rock and let the rope press on m clit. It’s magic.

God I hope Amy Adams wears crotch ropes.

Thanks Anon! Glad it’s working for you!

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I’ve just found your blog & I’m so in love already. For a couple weeks now, I’ve been poking around tumblr about orgasm denial since I gave up masturbating for lent, but nothing has been such a resource as well as nice porn like your blog has 😊 Right now I have biofreeze (very similar to icyhot) on my clit, labia, and asshole as well as a crotch rope and I am so, so wet, but I have seen references to a knot over the clit a few times, could you go into more detail about that?

I can indeed, but it’s pretty much what it says. If you’re wearing a crotch rope you can add a knot, or several, to increase the stimulation it gives you.

The classic is a simple knot right against your clit:

See a great tutorial on it (this uses a thicker rope than my step by step crotch rope instructions on the dutchy.com:


Also here’s a video from Crash Restraint where you can see how you’d add a knot in (although they don’t) before the final tie off at the back:

If you use a thinner rope you can add multiple smaller knots that’ll ride over your clit as you shift around. 

Similarly, I like a big knot made at the entrance to your pussy, and also your asshole can be fun (but not very practical if you’re sitting a lot)

Great for suspension though 😉

So yesterday I read on here about someone sleeping with their dildo in, having edge on the pillow and waking up edging. It intrigued me, and so I decided to give it a try. Oh my God, I have never wanted to cum via penetration only so bad, but I’m holding off. I’ve been good, having not cummed in about a month, and I’m trying to hold off until March for my birthday. Any other suggestions to edge and keep myself from letting myself ruin or cum? Chrissy

Hi Chrissy,

Well I think we can count that as a success, well done trying it! And good girl for not cumming.

That moment where you wake… Where you realise you’re stuffed full, and then the horniness hits you. Amazing isn’t it.

In terms of suggestions, after stuffing try a good hard edge rubbing and fucking yourself and then just slide the dildo out, go shower, but don’t even touch your pussy, spraying it with water is all you’re allowed. See how long you can go without touching, you’ll want to so much. Ideally leave it bare, under a dress or skirt. The thought it’d be so easy to touch and not doing it makes it even more intense.

So, a natural accompaniment to this is exploring crotch ropes:


You can even combine the two and use a crotch rope to keep a dildo inside you, that can work wonderfully. Just, don’t expect to be able to wander around with it, at least at first. 

As for not letting yourself ruin or cum, it’s about simple self control. Don’t always try to go too close, just enjoy some ‘soft edging’ when you are feeling tempted, and honestly, that’s what ruins are for, if you go over by accident. Don’t get too stressed about it, the point of this is to have fun and enjoy feeling really horny most of the time. 

Hi, James! I love doing my designated edges to your blog. I always get so close and stay dripping all day. I was wondering if you had any advice on how to do crotch ropes. I want to suggest wearing one during my days at uni to my domme to frustrate me more.

The most popular post I’ve ever made I think, here you go:




Paracord is available from most big stores now, and is perfect for this. Proper big cotton bondage rope is a bit thick to wear out during the day.

Failing paracord, long bootlaces can suffice, or even cotton (NOT NYLON) string.


Hi, how are you? Last week I decided to try long term denial. I edge & put some toothpaste on my clit in the morning before heading to my morning lecture, then at lunch I go to the bathroom & edge, then again that night. Don’t worry, it’s not distracting. I do this thing where if I don’t take enough notes in class, I lose my bedtime edge. It’s frustrating, but it motivates me to do better next time. Do you know of anything else I can do to keep myself horny & desperate during class? Thank you!

That’s brilliant, I love hearing how followers use edging and denial to help motivate them, especially in studies and getting fitter – it’s wonderful!

My first suggestion would be to try crotch ropes, there’s lots about them on the blog. If you find ones that work for you then they keep you feeling bound, horny and submissive all day long. Wear them over your panties, or under, or instead of them depending how you’re feeling.

Here’s my favourite one:


Another one to try is a butt plug. Some swear by them, others hate them. You won’t know till you try. A cute little comfy one (see my sex toy recommendations) can be the best naughtiest secret you can imagine. Why? Because it’s so unnecessary! You have a sex toy in your asshole, it’s awesome. Especially the ones I recommend which have little rollerballs inside them so they vibrate silently as you walk around. So good.

Finally if it’s summer where you are, challenge yourself to be a bit more daring in what you wear. Keep it subtle, in fact my first suggestion would be just try soem sexy underwear that only you see, just wearing beautiful lingerie, simply for you, is amazingly powerful. But then, if you’re confident enough, just push yourself to try wearing things that you feel sexier in, whether it’s tighter pants, pretty dresses, heels – don’t go crazy, just enough so you feel like you’ve made an effort and not just let what you wear be a secondary consideration. 

You will be surprised at the effect any and all of these can have!

Let us know how you get on!


I’ve just started experimenting with self-bondage, and I’ve found a foolproof way to stay horny all day, which is something I’ve had difficulty with when doing orgasm denial. (no touch = no effect, basically, and edging works for a while then wears off) Self-tied crotch rope with the rope thin enough that you can’t see it even though skinny jeans. Should I go out in public with it and edge in bathrooms, or wear it but put myself on no touch? I don’t have a dom/me, so I’m having to DIY it! -Beth

Hi Beth!

I LOVE crotch ropes, they really are the best. I think my crotch rope instructions are what really got this blog on the tumblr map.

I suggest you try all those options. Out in public, edging and no touch.

I personally like to make a sub do a really hard edge and then tie it on and have no touch from then – just drives you crazy – the rope pressing in you and rubbing away secretly as you try to resist the temptation to make it better.

Also it goes really well with wearing a toy, a dildo or butt plug with a flat base that the rope pushes in and out as you bend over. So good. 

Wearing that overnight is a real mind fuck as you squirm and writhe around in a horny daze.

Handily suction cup dildos are perfect for that as they almost always have a suitable base (although you want one that isn’t too big and ideally doesn’t have balls which many of them do).

For more advanced self-bondage give a body harness a go: