I can indeed, but it’s pretty much what it says. If you’re wearing a crotch rope you can add a knot, or several, to increase the stimulation it gives you.

The classic is a simple knot right against your clit:

See a great tutorial on it (this uses a thicker rope than my step by step crotch rope instructions on the dutchy.com:


Also here’s a video from Crash Restraint where you can see how you’d add a knot in (although they don’t) before the final tie off at the back:

If you use a thinner rope you can add multiple smaller knots that’ll ride over your clit as you shift around. 

Similarly, I like a big knot made at the entrance to your pussy, and also your asshole can be fun (but not very practical if you’re sitting a lot)

Great for suspension though 😉

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