Hi Chrissy,

Well I think we can count that as a success, well done trying it! And good girl for not cumming.

That moment where you wake… Where you realise you’re stuffed full, and then the horniness hits you. Amazing isn’t it.

In terms of suggestions, after stuffing try a good hard edge rubbing and fucking yourself and then just slide the dildo out, go shower, but don’t even touch your pussy, spraying it with water is all you’re allowed. See how long you can go without touching, you’ll want to so much. Ideally leave it bare, under a dress or skirt. The thought it’d be so easy to touch and not doing it makes it even more intense.

So, a natural accompaniment to this is exploring crotch ropes:


You can even combine the two and use a crotch rope to keep a dildo inside you, that can work wonderfully. Just, don’t expect to be able to wander around with it, at least at first. 

As for not letting yourself ruin or cum, it’s about simple self control. Don’t always try to go too close, just enjoy some ‘soft edging’ when you are feeling tempted, and honestly, that’s what ruins are for, if you go over by accident. Don’t get too stressed about it, the point of this is to have fun and enjoy feeling really horny most of the time. 

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