That’s brilliant, I love hearing how followers use edging and denial to help motivate them, especially in studies and getting fitter – it’s wonderful!

My first suggestion would be to try crotch ropes, there’s lots about them on the blog. If you find ones that work for you then they keep you feeling bound, horny and submissive all day long. Wear them over your panties, or under, or instead of them depending how you’re feeling.

Here’s my favourite one:

Another one to try is a butt plug. Some swear by them, others hate them. You won’t know till you try. A cute little comfy one (see my sex toy recommendations) can be the best naughtiest secret you can imagine. Why? Because it’s so unnecessary! You have a sex toy in your asshole, it’s awesome. Especially the ones I recommend which have little rollerballs inside them so they vibrate silently as you walk around. So good.

Finally if it’s summer where you are, challenge yourself to be a bit more daring in what you wear. Keep it subtle, in fact my first suggestion would be just try soem sexy underwear that only you see, just wearing beautiful lingerie, simply for you, is amazingly powerful. But then, if you’re confident enough, just push yourself to try wearing things that you feel sexier in, whether it’s tighter pants, pretty dresses, heels – don’t go crazy, just enough so you feel like you’ve made an effort and not just let what you wear be a secondary consideration. 

You will be surprised at the effect any and all of these can have!

Let us know how you get on!


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