Well firstly cut down your Tumblr use, restrict access to it with an app such as those recommended here:


And then yes, if you can, try to edge as a reward for actually having achieved things (those edges feel the best).

But you’ve got to have some basic self discipline to be able to start this and keep it up. But if you do, even a little bit, you’ll find that self-discipline grow, and that’s genuinely the key not only to this, but a more successful and fulfilling life.

Not even kidding, check out the Marshmallow Test:


As for tips, don’t try to do too much. A few days denial is just as praiseworthy as months, it’s all good and hot and healthy. You just have to find what works for you. If doing more than that is messing with the rest of your life then it’s an addiction not a positive kink and habit. Take a break, refocus on what’s important and then get back into it when you’re feeling up to it.


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