I don’t think the credit card issue is going to be the problem with Tumblr, but we have an equally ominous scenario of it being sold by Yahoo to Verizon and in that process who knows what new restraints or censorship might be imposed.

On top of that we see some blogs taken down without any warning to their blogger with no way to get it back – blogs that have years worth of content gone in an instant.

So yes, given all the time I put into this, I do worry about it. I back up the blog so I have the content but my main concern is that I’d lose all my followers and have no way to reconnect with them.

I’m keen to know what you guys think. What’s the best way to have some back up connection with this blog that we could fall back to in case of emergency? Would me building a secure email list be a good idea, or some other way of connecting?

Suggestions are very welcome!

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