I’m having trouble finding blogs of those taking part in juNO with the tag #juno30days unless James @female-orgasm-denial reblogs something from them. Maybe just me still getting to grips with tumblr, maybe because I use the app on my phone instead of my laptop but I wonder if others are having the same problem. I’m going to try putting together a list of links to blogs who are doing the juNO challenge so its easy for myself and others to find, follow and enjoy the updates. Please reblog this post and if you would like your blog added please either comment on this post or send me a message and i’ll add it asap!


T&D you’re a genius, what a great idea.
Reblogging and T&D or I can put together a list once it’s done the rounds, perhaps?
Also don’t forget just to search for juno30days in tumblr, you get a load of results that way.

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