So you can lay the blame of this one squarely at the feet of who is falling in lust with her pillows after just a few days of edging…

Happy Humpday my little denial sluts – one simple rule when you do this challenge – all edging today is to be done without your hands.

  • You can hump pillows, cuddly toys, the edge of the bed, furniture.
  • You could drag panties or scarves or rope between your lips
  • You could fuck a suction cup dildo
  • You could sit on a vibe on the arm of a chair
  • You could insert a Wevibe (if you’re lucky enough to have one)
  • You could get someone else to do it
  • You can edge any way you want, but you can’t use your hands

Here’s a nice little set of gifs to inspire you:

Here’s some further inspiration:

And there are whole BLOGS on this:

(If you get bored of it after an edge or two you can always get back to normal, just as long as you tried! But if you manage it surprisingly well,try it for the whole day. Good girl)

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