I haven’t posted here for a long time. Since tumblr ate itself and my blog became NSFW it’s not really been worth it, but I can’t leave, too many of you write and post delicious things. Too many of you make me think and feel delicious things.

And one or two of you make me do disgusting things. One in particular has made me write this. I could refuse of course, but she’s right, it turns me on just thinking about it.

Last year, I discovered orgasm denial and embraced it in a big way. I took part in JuNo and aside from a very little orgasm, it actually lasted till mid August. Despite that, I still had lots of orgasms throughout the year.

This year, I have had five orgasms. Five. Specifically since 27th December. Thats less than one a month. There have been a handful of ruins too, but mostly I edge. all the time, I work from home a lot, and as the year has progressed, I’ve falen more and more under awful delight of edge & denial, and under the spell of a certain lady, who may out herself if She wishes to take credit. At the end of last summer, I almost had her performing for me.

Last week, in my desperation to have an orgasm before JuNo started, so I didn’t have to start it already desperate, she told me I would be allowed, and we arrnaged playtime. I did all she asked in the runup to it, so when we played i was out of my mind with need. Not content with me spending most of the proceeding week working in nothing but my knickers, taking conference calls with my fingers in my pussy, and crawling when I was alone in the house, at the last moment, when both of us needed to go, she refused to let me cum. She fucking refused.

I’ve skipped a lot of what she’s done to? for? with? me but I was genuinely annoyed. I was going away for a few days with friends, I would have little privacy and I really needed to *not* feel wound up and frustrated like this, it would have made for a very difficult weekend. She knew all these things and at the last moment, she refused.

I got cross. Then I begged. Then I pleaded. And i kept on, telling her I’d do anything, I was so desperate. Then it happened, I told her I’d wet myself for her.

Anyone who has read my previous blogs will know I’ve done this before, but that was after 10 weeks of denial that started with JuNo. This was  *before* JuNo started. I’m screwed.

To my surprise, she told me to cum there and then, and I didn’t need much promoting! It wasn’t the greatest orgasm I’ve ever had, borne of pathetic need and irritation, but it was good, it did what I needed it to. And I didn’t wet myself to get it. Ha!

Then she said it. ‘Pet, crawl downstairs to your kitchen, find a suitable bowl and pee in it. You may not take off your panties’. Shit.

‘After you’re done, stay there and edge in your wet panties, keep them like that for an hour, build that need back up’ I don’t remember exactly what she said, but thats the jist of it. I pissed myself, in my own kitchen, hiding below the window so the nightbours wouldn’t see me. I pissed into a bowl and then edged for an hour in my pissy knickers.

This was a week ago. Its not even June yet. I’m already ridiculously horny.

Its going to be a long month.

She has requested I post this both on Tumblr and Bdsmlr. So take your pic. All the cool people are on Bdsmlr though. Well, the ones with nipples are anyway.

Fabulous start to Juno Journals from one of our top contributors last year. Thank you!!

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