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I’ve been debating trying edging on a more long term basis and I think I have officially decided to join in on juno. I know I’m a few days late but I think I’ll just take it 3 days into July to make up for it. I’ve never gone more than 3 days without an orgasm while edging so that’s my first goal. I don’t have the best self control so I’ll probably struggle a lot but I’m looking forward to it!

You’re going to love it. It doesn’t matter at all about starting late, just get on in, have some fun and if you want to sign up with the google form in the first post as there’s some special things just for those who do!

Good luck anon, may you find your denial high and never lose it.


JuNO – what’s a little ruin between friends?

Well what an encouraging response! Despite Tumblr’s best efforts it seems there are many still eager to participate, thanks everyone

I’m so proud of you all!

The first few days are often the hardest so today this is just a reminder to not push yourself too far. We aren’t trying to set records in how close and long you can stay at the edge of an orgasm. If anything, stay safe, don’t get too close, and just try to explore how edging without cumming at the end makes you feel.

What should be occuring over the next few days is those endorphins and other feel-good chemicals slowly start to drift around your system all the time. Without an orgasm releasing Prolactin (the chemical that settles you down after cumming) you will start to feel an ongoing ‘buzz’ – the ‘Denial High’ (sounds like a hot school…).

Don’t be thinking about the 30 days though, just think about today. We’re going to do this one day at a time. ‘I will not cum today. Good girls don’t cum’ can be your mantra. One day at a time, one edge at a time.

Don’t forget this is about having fun, so just relax, lay back and enjoy edging. There are hundreds of other denial sluts (and if you even start this you totally are a denial slut) doing this with you. So be strong, hold back.

Cumming is good, but not cumming is better. But a ruin is a good compromise!

But as we discussed, if you do go over you’re to ruin the orgasm. Some of you are more than familiar with these diabolical little things. It’s where you start to go over into an orgasm but stop any stimulation as soon as you do and never get the pleasure you’d expect.

If you’ve made it three days without cumming then a huge congratulations. That’s so great!

You’re going to be allowed an orgasm!

A ruined orgasm.

Oh but if you’ve already gone over and HAD a ruined orgasm during JuNO, well sorry, that’s yours used up already. You just get to know that lots of others are having their ruiins.

Here is everything you need to learn about ruined orgasms:

Sadly on bdsmlr as tumblr broke all my tags (sad face)

70 posts. You must review them while edging before you can go back to those first ones and actually ruin an orgasm according to the instructions.

It’s optional though, if you want to just stay with edging, that’s great too.

Let us know how your ruins go, they vary so much, it’ll be fascinating for us all. How did it feel, how hard was it, how did it make YOU feel, physically and emotionally, and how did it effect your arousal over time?

Let us know how you get on!

Enjoy the ruin!


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Here’s JuNO!


Welcome to JuNO 2019!

It’s been so lovely to get so many messages about JuNO. Who knew that this spur of the moment idea a couple of years ago would catch on so much! But heck, those guys have Locktober right, we need our own female orgasm denial month and here we are!

Along with Tumblrgeddon last December I’ve had a crazy few months so this is the perfect opportunity to get back into daily blogging and also telling you about some exciting new things I’ve been working on! 

The first of these is an update on my somewhat legendary Wheels of Denial! Not only has Tumblr deleted most of them, but I used Google shortcuts to create them before, and guess what other service got cancelled – yep. So those are kinda fucked.

But what is a much cooler replacement I’ve found an app that works on both Android and iPhone. So watch out for that soon, as you’re going to have your own chance to be fate’s bitch.

Gotta get a bdsmlr…

Because Tumblr’s banned adult content now if you really like my captions and explicit stuff to edge to you’re going to have to make a dive into my bdsmlr account, which I’m going to be posting to, and also has ALL my back content in for you to get off to.

They have an app now too, it’s still in beta and android only I think but it means you can browse without it being in your browser history.

Keeping it all positive

As I said last year I want this to be a fun and very positive exercise. We’re not going to have any punishments if you fail, although there will be ‘funishments’ along the way. The whole point of it is to give you the chance to push yourself to explore edging and denial, and know that there are lots of other denial sluts on the journey with you. (Seriously, how hot is that…)

It’s easy for there to be too much pressure to try and get to the 30 days, and a feeling of failure for all those who didn’t manage it – and while a month is ‘easy’ for some of you experienced denial sluts, it’s eternity for anyone new to this.

So here’s the deal – The whole of June is going to be dedicated to exploring edging and denial, but you decide what your target is.

So if you’re new to this, you may just try it for a day or three, and then cum! Oh but you’re not done, no… if you enjoyed it, try again, maybe longer, give a go to some of the tasks, chat with others doing it, see just how far down the rabbit hole you enjoy falling.

The objective for JuNO is to do as many edges as you can while having as few orgasms as possible – if you’re feeling happy and horny, it’s working!

You are free to amend any of the basic rules to suit your situation, but try to decide what you’re going to do, and stick with it!

I very much want this to be a communal thing so I strongly encourage you to start a ‘JuNO denial journal’ on your Tumblr and I’ll post as many of them here as I can. 

Tag everything you post about it with #juno2019

If you are keeping a JuNO Journal please add #junojournal to the post too

You can ‘sign up’ if you wish to. But you can also like and reblog this note as an indicator you are getting involved..

Also totally encourage others to join in! The more the merrier.

As regularly as I can I’m going to add some JuNO Tasks, I’ll be reblogging and commenting on my favourite JuNO Journals, and also adding plenty of educational content. I’ll try and queue these up for most days but this isn’t like the Denial Advent event, the onus is on you to keep on edging, share with the community and make this something we all explore together.

JuNO – The Basic Rules

  1. The aim is to orgasm as little as you can for the 30 days, while you deliberately make yourself as horny as possible by regular ‘edging’
  2. You are to edge yourself every day with my recommended minimum of three times a day, once before you get up, once last thing in bed, and once during the day – but more edges is great, decide what works for you – life might mean you often do less, that’s fine.
  3. You are to have fun. If you’re not having fun you’re not doing it right
  4. If you accidentally go over the edge into an orgasm before your target date, you must immediately stop all stimulation and so ‘ruin’ the orgasm. If you ruin the orgasm like this you are still on course – but you musn’t ruin again that day and you must try your hardest not to at all (ruins will be given as separate, extra tasks, at points in JuNO).
  5. JuNo is for women (and their partners) and those who identify themselves as such. Sorry boys, I know you love this stuff but you already have Locktober, NOvember and more. This is a ‘girls together’ kinda thing but feel free to try it, just please don’t be messaging me about it, thank you xxx
  6. If you’re late to the party you can start when you want, just follow the tag below to get all the relevant notes and instructions.

And here for any others all across the Tumblrsphere!


To clarify what an edge is within the context of denial – it is ANY masturbation effort during your denial. It does not matter if you get to THE edge of an orgasm (although it’s great if you can and definitely a goal), as long as it feels good and makes you hornier, it’s an edge.

This also means you can’t do all your edges in one go, just getting to the edge of an orgasm and ‘bouncing there’ a dozen times does not mean you’ve done 12 edges. It’s one, sorry! My month, my rules. You need at least a ten minute gap between reaching the edge of an orgasm and getting yourself back there for it to count again towards your total (Just in case some of you want to go crazy and do lots of edges).

But the main point of JuNo is to just keep horny, have fun, and experience, I hope, the feeling of euphoria associated with longer term denial (the ‘denial high’). It’s also to help you gain greater self-confidence, sexual positivity and to discover, I hope, that you do actually have some self-control!

This is not a competition – it’s a collaborative experience. So please, post updates on your blogs, send me submissions and asks with updates. Anything that I think is of interest will get posted, if it’s positive or negative, share your experience.

Let’s support each other my lovely followers. There are 55,000 of you horny little fuckers following this blog and I know for a fact at least the same who visit every month and get off to it.

Now’s the time, turn the fantasy into a reality. Join in with thousands of women across the world edging and denying their orgasms, not just because it’s kinky and sexy as fuck, but because it makes you feel AMAZING.

So are you ready, my little denial slut? Are you ready to make your pussy drip, your clit ache and show us all just what you’re capable of?


IT IS! Let’s do this!

Enjoy the last might of your freedom (if you have it…), it’s the last time you cum just when you want to. Edge, read this blog, browse last year’s experiences, think about what target  you are going to set, and sign up here if that’ll add to the fun:

Once you’ve filled that out or committed to doing this however you want…

Put your hand in your panties, right now. Rub that clit and say out loud, ‘I promise not to cum. I am a denial slut’.

Good girl, no going back now. Give me a good edge and get ready for more…

Welcome to JuNO, it’s going to be one hell of a ride!



Just a quick self reblog of the original JuNO post from Saturday for any who missed it.


JuNo Day 1

Today my clit throbbed at the idea of a whole month of denial. I’ve only ever got to three weeks before, so I’m nervous but ready. I started my morning with a good hard edge, my mind screaming as I pulled away. I went about my day hornier than usual so I texted my girlfriend for a while and this resulted in phone sex. I did another good hard edge. Now I’m led in Bed, desperate and wondering how much worse it’ll get.

Good to see these Juno Journals starting to come through!

What a great start! 

I just learned something really interesting ! June is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth. So, you know, JuNO is really meant to be

Well orgasm denial does make people want to do stuff that leads to kids so yeah, I guess so!

I’ve always been really into the idea of denial but I don’t have any self control. I edge a couple of times, it feels good and then I have an orgasm because I can. I’m single, so no one to play with! I’m tentatively giving juno a go to see how it goes. How many edges is too many?

Too many? The one you go over on…

But build up to it, try one or two a day, if you manage that, three or four.

The trick with this if you keep going over is don’t try to get TOO close. You need to experience the ‘denial high’ that comes with a few days edging, and if you keep cumming you never really appreciate this. 

But you don’t need to get super close each time to achieve this, just keep regularly topped up.

We’ll talk more about it soon!


i am a bad denial slut it’s day two (2) of juno and ?? i had a toy on my clit and was scrolling through some memes, not even porn, just memes, thinking about hot stuff tho cause i was horny. i told myself i wouldn’t even get close enough to ruin this month because i reeaally want to make it. then i fucking started cumming for no reason and i was like oh my god what the fuck and ripped it off. but idk if it counted as a ruin or if i already came on day two. i’m so mad at myself either way lmao.

Oh no! You muppet. Oh well, good thing we have another 29 days to go! Just start again!

Thank you to everyone who’s signed up, and all the wonderful encouraging comments, I’ll share some tomorrow anonymously as they’re just super sweet.

Also, I think the volume of sign ups is probably manageable for us to create a little JuNO Discord server… so I’ll be reaching out to those who were brave enough to see if you want to be part of that..

I hope everyone’s edges have been going well. I realise that searching on tags is a much less effective tool than it was so if you’ve got good journals going for this and you haven’t signed up (which is entirely optional) but want me to promote them, please message me with the details and I’ll do my best.

First extra tasks tomorrow, and more on the Wheel of Denial app that I’ve been working on so watch for updates!


JuNo 2019. Prologue.


I haven’t posted here for a long time. Since tumblr ate itself and my blog became NSFW it’s not really been worth it, but I can’t leave, too many of you write and post delicious things. Too many of you make me think and feel delicious things.

And one or two of you make me do disgusting things. One in particular has made me write this. I could refuse of course, but she’s right, it turns me on just thinking about it.

Last year, I discovered orgasm denial and embraced it in a big way. I took part in JuNo and aside from a very little orgasm, it actually lasted till mid August. Despite that, I still had lots of orgasms throughout the year.

This year, I have had five orgasms. Five. Specifically since 27th December. Thats less than one a month. There have been a handful of ruins too, but mostly I edge. all the time, I work from home a lot, and as the year has progressed, I’ve falen more and more under awful delight of edge & denial, and under the spell of a certain lady, who may out herself if She wishes to take credit. At the end of last summer, I almost had her performing for me.

Last week, in my desperation to have an orgasm before JuNo started, so I didn’t have to start it already desperate, she told me I would be allowed, and we arrnaged playtime. I did all she asked in the runup to it, so when we played i was out of my mind with need. Not content with me spending most of the proceeding week working in nothing but my knickers, taking conference calls with my fingers in my pussy, and crawling when I was alone in the house, at the last moment, when both of us needed to go, she refused to let me cum. She fucking refused.

I’ve skipped a lot of what she’s done to? for? with? me but I was genuinely annoyed. I was going away for a few days with friends, I would have little privacy and I really needed to *not* feel wound up and frustrated like this, it would have made for a very difficult weekend. She knew all these things and at the last moment, she refused.

I got cross. Then I begged. Then I pleaded. And i kept on, telling her I’d do anything, I was so desperate. Then it happened, I told her I’d wet myself for her.

Anyone who has read my previous blogs will know I’ve done this before, but that was after 10 weeks of denial that started with JuNo. This was  *before* JuNo started. I’m screwed.

To my surprise, she told me to cum there and then, and I didn’t need much promoting! It wasn’t the greatest orgasm I’ve ever had, borne of pathetic need and irritation, but it was good, it did what I needed it to. And I didn’t wet myself to get it. Ha!

Then she said it. ‘Pet, crawl downstairs to your kitchen, find a suitable bowl and pee in it. You may not take off your panties’. Shit.

‘After you’re done, stay there and edge in your wet panties, keep them like that for an hour, build that need back up’ I don’t remember exactly what she said, but thats the jist of it. I pissed myself, in my own kitchen, hiding below the window so the nightbours wouldn’t see me. I pissed into a bowl and then edged for an hour in my pissy knickers.

This was a week ago. Its not even June yet. I’m already ridiculously horny.

Its going to be a long month.

She has requested I post this both on Tumblr and Bdsmlr. So take your pic. All the cool people are on Bdsmlr though. Well, the ones with nipples are anyway.

Fabulous start to Juno Journals from one of our top contributors last year. Thank you!!

Literally counting down the minutes to JuNo. Allowing myself one last orgasm before I get taken away by pure bliss during this wonderful month 😍😍😍

So glad to hear it! The initial post is just below!