Hi there, and congrats on reaching and then holding, or riding the edge! It’s pretty damn intense isn’t it!

A minute is really good! You can probably get to two minutes, or even three. A lot of that is about learning to breath properly, if you hold your breath you’ll often go over by accident. Beyond a few minutes really varies from person to person. It’s also different if someone else is doing it. My wife can handle about five minutes of me keeping her right on the edge with my tongue before she completely loses it, as in, either trying to push me so hard against her I nearly suffocate, or just bursting into tears.

Either way that’s the point I move back up and bury my cock in her. And no, that alone won’t take her over, so I get to fuck her and cum in her as she stays so close but so out of reach,and has to take her pleasure in my using her for mine. Crazy hot, I know.

Peek for as long as you want, just don’t go over…

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