Well wow, I did ask for things you’d never dream of telling anyone. Thank you K, that’s great you could confess that. The ‘being caught while knotted’ is especially twisted, good work! And you know what, this may surprise some, but while it’s not as common as other taboo fantasies, such as non-consent, or degradation, one of the things I was amazed by when I started to anonymously talk to women about their fantasies, was how often some kind of animal sex comes up.

I found it tends to come up for a few reasons. For some it’s the degradation aspect of it, being reduced to just being used for animalistic pleasure. For a surprisingly high number of others I found it related back to the fact their first sexual experience was with the family dog (often quite innocently) and our early experiences are a key factor in hard-wiring our kinks. The final group was the one I worried about most, it was those who had gone really deep down the kink rabbit hole so that only the most extreme things aroused them. That’s not a good place to be, and a porn and kink detox is my recommendation for those who are – but it doesn’t sound like you are, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

As with almost all these things, the key is to remember it is just a fantasy and not worry too much about it. That’s part of what they’re for, to explore places we probably wouldn’t go in real life. Let’s hope anyway, for your parent’s sake 😛

Desperate for an orgasm? – confess your deepest fantasies and see if you can win one!


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