What an obedient kitten she was, completing daily tasks as instructed, and resisting the urge to cum. My God, it has been a week of this delicious, daily torture, and she was about to pop. If the wind blew the wrong way under her skirt, or the seam of her pants were to rub even the slightest, she may just pour one out if she wasn’t careful enough to fend off the aching urge from the sensitivity that physical touch provided. Her mind and imagination were swirling in a chaos of depravity in that everything she saw, heard, smelled, touched or tasted in everyday life felt sexual in nature. Her pussy was a taut bundle of exposed nerves acting as feelers, just begging for it in this wrapped and bound orgasm waiting to be released.
Master was in his chair and ordered his kitten before his feet. She handed him the heavy chain link leash attachment with the black leather handle, to which he fastened to her collar. With his kitten sitting on her knees, he strapped a yardstick across her thighs, and fastened a Hitachi vibrator to it within a quarter of an inch from touching her pussy. He turned the vibrator on the highest setting, and then placed a thick dildo with a suction cup base underneath her as she raised her backside up for him.
I am only going to say this one time, be sure you follow without fail. The vibrator is not to touch your clit one time, and the head of this dildo will rest against your opening. You must remain still, and neither the vibrator will touch you, nor the dildo be inserted into your pussy.
Kitten could feel the buzz of the vibrator so fucking close to giving her what she desperately needed now. The head of the dildo was starting to get wet, and it was taking everything she had to not squat down and fuck herself into a wild frenzy.
Master pulled his chair right up to Kitten and unzipped and took down his pants. He pulled her chain right up to him and his fat cock rested right on her bottom lip as she began to whimper and salivate.
One last thing Kitten…don’t you dare suck my cock right now.
Master pulled out a thick book he had been saving to read when he had time, while Kitten remained in this state of restrained arousal.

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