I promise, I’m totally sane.

Waking up early to get the first edge happening

Most beautiful day ever!

Overthinking thin air

Biking and singing and feeling like a Queen

Feeling all muscles at yoga

Getting aroused by the end relaxation because Cal’s fucking goddamn curse

Drowsy happy

Horny as fuck, edge 2

All men must bow down before my greatness

Overthinking… again

Bouncing up and down the house and shower

Edge 3, fuck, audio’s are hot stuff

Please please please let me come

I don’t need you, or you, or you! Girls run the world!

Please hurt me… bad

Oh god I need about 10 dicks right now

I am a strong independent woman and you’re gonna let me ride you this fucking instant!

Am I being pushy? Or not enough? I just. Argh I want you

Figuring out when my next edge will be. Too fucking long from now

I love storm! Toing toing toing

Please abuse me

Overthinking again

Laughing at my own sillyness, being such a desperate mess.

Still 7-8 hours to go till the day is over.

WickedLittleBitch, this is magnificent.
It’s been a long while since we’ve any denial poetry!
Good work!

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