could hear. I earned this for myself, and I was going to enjoy it. After that orgasm, when I realized my duvet was covered in my juices (not that I cared in the moment), I let my twitching legs calm down for a minute, then came again. And again. And again. I had a total of 8 orgasms before I even thought about stopping. I’ve seen orgasms described as mind-blowing, but I never was able to relate until now. My back arched off the bed for every single one. 

I’m definitely going to enjoy this for the rest of the week, and I’m honored that I made you proud. The only thing I ask is next time… can I go even longer? (I’m sorry this was so confusing, asks are only allowed to be so long, but I really wanted to update you) 

I love updates, thank you so much person who still hasn’t given me a name to call her! You’re a star!

You can go longer, and longer is awesome, but variety is great too and sometimes shorter but more challenging can be fun too. 

Remember, cumming good, just not cumming is even better

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