So usually I point people to wikihow for stuff like this, but this time their extensive effort to illustrate their advice means THERE’S BIG ASS SPIDERS ALL OVER THE FUCKING PAGE.

Wikihow, I am disappoint – why would you pick the first drawing with a guy holding a spider THE SIZE OF HIS FACE?!

This is the link anyway but be warned, if drawings of giant spiders give you the willies this may not help,

Personally I hate spiders too, but having become an adult and dad, forced myself to realise these little things are actually terrified of me and thank God living in England means none of the little fuckers are venomous, so i’m free to kill them and look like a hero to my screaming children.

If your fear is genuinely disabling though, in that you can’t go in rooms without having them checked, that’s just a pain in the ass, for you, and for others. There’s almost always some support available though Speak to your doctor about it or just find out what’s available locally. Apparently it’s one of the simplest phobias to deal with, which is encouraging.

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