Here’s the number one rule with all this:

Real life wins

If anything, edging, porn, Tumblr, gambling, drinking, gaming, Love Island, etc is detracting from your life as a whole, rather than adding to it, then it’s becoming an addiction, and you need to rethink where it should fit in your priorities. 

You either need to find strategies that work for helping you keep focused at work despite doing this, or cut back/change how you do it.

It’s fine to give yourself a bit of adjustment time. Edging can be completely consuming when you first start it but soon you adjust to feeling so much more horny and ‘alive’ all the time and most find it fits in with the rest of their life and works to improve it, not detract. 

But everyone’s different, so find what works for you, be honest about what doesn’t. If you’re not sure, cut back and see if you can think more clearly, and ideally have a friend to talk it through just to give you another perspective.

And failing that, message me. I’m here to help.



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