So, I tied the hands free edging challenge of @female-orgasm-denial with something else I was eager to try again. Sleeping with a dildo inside of me. I have one that’s perfectly held in place by my panties no matter how much I move. So I pushed the toy completely inside of me, rubbed my pussy against a pillow and while it not only rubbed my clit, it also rocked the toy inside of me.

I got to the edge embarrassingly fast and while my whole body ached, I forced myself to stop and go to sleep as horny as I’d ever been. Seriously, I could feel myself leaking juices.

So of course sleep was almost non existent and when I did catch some moments I had the most X-rated dreams of being fucked and I actually woke up several times, right at the edge rocking my hips to make the dildo move. It was like humping thin air for some pleasure. I’m delighted to be able to edge with just penetration now and yet, still no chance of reaching an orgasm. Just the edge. Over and over again. 

Eventually I did fall asleep around the morning and even in my sleep I believed I edged several times. By the time I woke up I’d soaked right through my panties and now there’s even a big spot of wetness on my bed.

So, so horny today.

– Lizzy

Mmm, sleeping stuffed, she’s ahead of the curve. Good stuff LBW!

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