I’m at day 10 of my denial. And I feel pretty good.

Today, I woke up with spread legs, which I never do. But obviously, my body was ready to go.

I like feeling this horny. It’s such a great feeling. Yes, it hurts a little every time to draw my hand back when edging, to not go over then, but I still feel… great somehow. Like deep within, while my pussy is pulsating like crazy.

Maybe, I edge to often though. I have definitely done more than 3 edges most of the days. I have a lot to do at the moment, but at home mostly, so I can always do small breaks to edge quickly. (And the time I have off, the time for myself… yes, I’m edging then, moslty.) Maybe, I should dial back to make sure I will be able to do the whole period of time. But… Edging is just the best! I love the feeling it gives me. So for now, I’ll probably keep doing it as often (if I’m not challenged otherwise ;)).

It definitely keeps me wet around the clock. I’m cleaning up and shortly after, I’m a mess again. Let’s see if that can get any worse. 😉

Oh, I also started smacking my pussy a lot. I’m way too into that. It makes me more horny every time (probably because I also don’t have the willpower to keep going until it actually hurts – though I would like to try that).

Now, now… Welcome by the way to my new followers. And thank you to James for reblogging all these great posts (and often also commenting). I love being able to read so easily how everyone else is doing. And this way you gave me (and probably others) more exposure, as I never had many followers and it’s a different feeling knowing so many people will actually read this. 🙂 Thank you!

On the whole I very much agree with all things in moderation but it sounds like you’re doing great, and it is JuNO after all, a perfect excuse!

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