First Edge

I stripped down naked and laid in my bed. My tits are extra full and sensitive since my cycle should start in a couple days. Which also makes me horny. I use the orgasms around this time as a stress reliever.

I could feel my tits get heavy and my clit starting to do the small tingle that makes me shift in my seat. I was instructed to do soft edges so I’m touching softly right now. Honestly I’m afraid that I’ll go over too easily if I don’t. Small circles just on my clit, just on the hood, not going to close or too low. I want to pump my fingers in and out of me quickly just to have a quick orgasm. I have that heavy feeling in the pit of my tummy.

I can also feel when my body needs to squirt. It’s a different feeling than needing to cum or even just being horny. After long enough I’ll get the nagging sensation, that I can only imagine is what men feel like when their balls are full.

I do feel very sexy. Lately all I can think about is that I need to lose a good 5-10 lbs, but right now my body feels good. My skin is soft and sensitive and it feels good to touch. The sensation of the sheets underneath me is also turning me on. I love that sexy feeling.

I stopped when I was afraid I might gush, and now I have to go through the rest of my day and try to be productive. All I can think of is that I had a friend that I made fun of for liking girls who hump pillows and I wish I could text him to tell him I slightly understand the appeal right now. I want to feel that softness between my legs, but I won’t dare do that right now because I know it will be too much. It’s been quite a while since I’ve felt this feeling.

I can’t wait to read more of these…

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