Dear James,

I’ve visited the lovehoney website you mention in your posts several times, and since I got my payday I decided to treat myself and my fiancé with something sexy. I decided to get this and it should be here by Monday or Tuesday. I’m so excited I can’t wait!! I told my roommate that I wear lingerie under my clothes throughout my day and she looked at me like I have 3 heads, but I love the sexy feeling it gives. Plus, you’re all set when you have that surprise evening of delicious fun. ? thank you for sharing that site, I plan on making many additions to my growing collection. Would you like to see it on when I receive the package?

You’re so welcome aonon. It really is such a powerful wearing good lingerie underneath your clothes. Even if it’s not for anyone else to see, it’s actually about how it makes YOU feel!

I love you’ve picked peekaboo ones though. If you pair those with the right top you could get your nipples brushing against your top all day and keeping you well stimulated.

And absolutely, we’d love to see, although it might be I can only share it on

If it’s easier you can email things to

Oh and as I’ve just noted, there’s some good savings to be had on lingerie in their Valentine’s sale But can I also make a recommendation if you’re starting to invest in good underwear.

Go get your bra measured – it’s likely you’re wearing the wrong size, and it makes an even bigger difference when you’re wearing good stuff. So find a store that’ll do it, M&S in the UK and Bravissimo are good ones, no idea on the US. Then have a lot of fun trying on different stuff.

And final tip. If you haven’t tried stockings and suspenders (or a garter as they call it in the US) TRY THEM. They not only look great, but they are SO much better than tights (pantyhose). The big lesson is for real life use, you wear your knickers OVER the stocking straps. It makes going to the loo a whole new easy experience, seriously. I got my wife wearing them when we first met and she was all ‘how the hell did no one tell me how great these are?!’

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