Yeah they do in fact it’s just kicked off!

Lovehoney Valentine’s Sale

I’ll do a review soon of stuff I think is a good bargain. Apparently that was very popular when I did it last before Christmas.

Anything I should focus on, toys for couples, or toys for all those who want to just edge their fucking brains out and forget about it all together?

Nope, that’s an image not a button, welcome to Tumblr.

I did have one idea, maybe it’s suitable for Valentine’s I’ve recently been having a lot of fun with some Lush remote controlled vibes – I’m sure you’ve seen them. They’re now absolutely my favourite remote ones. And I noticed they just brought out the ‘Lush 2′ which has some improvements (more power and easier to turn off seem to be the main ones. Also you can turn it off while it’s in you, which is fab.)

Anyway, MY IDEA was…you can safely give out an control of them, which has some serious potential. I was imagining either pairing denial sluts up so they could edge each other via the online remote control… or perhaps a whole group, so you get someone’s control you don’t even know who, and someone else would be controlling yours! Not even the same person perhaps?

Maybe set up a discord group to manage it? Lush Buddies we could call it 😛 An online orgy of denial sluts. Who likes the sound of that? Let me know your thoughts and ideas.

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